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"Optimouse was created by Elon ​Musk to fight the woke mind virus ​that has infested our lives. It fights ​the most woke company in the ​world (which shall not be named) ​and its most popular mascot, which ​we all love!"

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How it started

Elon Musk has often joked about wanting ​to make a robot mouse called Optimouse. ​He first mentioned the idea on Twitter on ​December 15, 2023, in response to a tweet ​from Sawyer Merritt. Musk has not ​provided any further details about ​Optimouse, but it is likely that he is ​referring to a type of robot mouse that ​would be used for research or other ​purposes. Read more


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What is OptiMouse

Musk’s tweet suggest that he is interested in ​developing advanced technologies that could ​revolutionize various industries, including ​entertainment. It's possible that Musk's ​OptiMouse could indeed have implications for ​the entertainment industry, potentially ​challenging dominance in the field of animated ​characters and storytelling.


Regardless of whether OptiMouse directly impacts D****y or M**** Mouse, it's clear that Musk's interests ​in robotics, artificial intelligence, and entertainment are converging to create a dynamic and potentially ​transformative landscape. The future of entertainment may indeed involve more sophisticated robotic ​characters or even virtual reality experiences that blur the lines between real and digital worlds. Whether ​this leads to the rise of new iconic characters or the displacement of established ones remains to be seen.

Kill Woke Mind Virus




Optimouse represents a new paradigm in meme ​tokens, moving beyond mere speculation and ​embracing a deeper purpose of empowering ​communities, fostering innovation, and driving ​positive change. It is a token that embodies the spirit ​of OptiMouse – bold, innovative, and poised to ​disrupt the status quo.

Join the OptiMouse community and become an ​integral part of the future of entertainment and ​technology. Together, we can harness the power of ​Optimouse to shape a brighter, more innovative, and ​more equitable world.


  • Ticker: OPTIMOUSE
  • Supply:100M
  • Chain: Ethereum
  • Buy/Sell Tax: 0/0
  • Liquidity: Burnt
  • Contract: Renounced

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Close-Up Shot of an Oil Painting